Sunday, July 27, 2008

BWAC Summer Show

Brooklyn Working Artist's Coalition's summer show in Red Hook opened this weekend and runs for about a month on the weekends.

I have three lithos hanging. Here is one of them called Plein Air. It was also a part of Fete.

I'm running on empty right now. I've been printing wedding invitations all week and anxious about finishing the rest. They look beautiful though and I'm really proud of them. I'll post a picture when I cut them down and finish the RSVPs.

I've drawn a few pages of the comic and volunteered at the BWAC show, stuck in a doorway watching a thunderstorm all day. Attendance at the show seemed pretty thin this weekend. It must be a combo of summer weekends away and the water taxi stopping at Ikea. And of course the weather today.

Recently my head is occupied with figuring out the first steps to building my letterpress business and making the first chapter of The Wonder City perfect. I'd like to think all this artsy hard work makes up for my currently blah personal life. Although every time I imagine the way I'd like my life to look, I work a little more on the comic.

Tonight my four year old nephew told my sister that he had an "absolutely wonderful idea" to drive his cars over the carpet instead of the wood floor. Hee! So cute, but so astute--maybe that's all you need sometimes, a small change, just do something a wee bit different than you normally do for some absolutely wonderful results.

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