Wednesday, September 12, 2007

La Pedrera

My photograph and recent lithograph of the whimsical rooftop of La Pedrera, the Antoni Gaudi designed apartment building in Barcelona.

Barcelona left me in a state of confusion: the bright sky and buildings' sparkling tiles blinded me, the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter lured me in and mixed me up, the food intoxicated me, and seeing and hearing Spanish everywhere tricked me into thinking I was somewhere familiar. And is it any wonder? Look at the architecture, it's twirly and loopy and joyous. I must go back and get lost all over again.

This litho is part of the March exhibition I'm working on. I have a tentative title, but I'm not telling!

Comic book artist Craig Thompson has some beautiful drawings of La Pedrera and other Gaudi gems that peekaboo throughout Barcelona in his sketched travel diary, Carnet De Voyage. It's a sweet, small book full of beautiful places visited and an insightful look at the neuroses of an artist at work when the work is enjoying the world.


Justin said...

the great carnet. mr. thompson's foray into whining his way through beautiful artwork.

although i do secretly love it and your litho.

courtney said...

now, i know you don't mean that :)