Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Favorite the name of this print, which is a paper lithograph. This is a very fun technique where you print off of Xeroxes using some techniques you use in litho. So the above print was a throwaway mishmash of textures, but once I printed the heart on top and painted the color and sewed up the spot I accidentally tore, I loved it. Hence the title.

Right now I'm watching some TV show about great TV show characters but I can't really see it because I can't find my glasses. OK I'm cracking up because they're talking about Murder She Wrote, only my most favorite TV show of all time. We were just joking last night about how when the show ended, it should've turned out that Jessica Fletcher was a serial killer.

Feeling a little under the weather this morning and procrastinating because I have some major work to do on Justin and my comic. The grant application is due in a couple weeks and I want my drawings to be as perfect as possible.

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