Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nightmares, Holy Communion and Vincent D'Onofrio as the Perfect Wedding Date

I had a weird night's sleep last night. stress kept me awake for awhile and my new Target sheets which have the thread count of a piece of cardboard kept me uncomfortable. I finally dozed off only to encounter a very strange religious themed dream.

I was at my sister's wedding which in the dream took place in my grade school church. The church seemed huge and cathedral-like and the Mass seemed infinitely long and meandering. My parents, Kirsten and I all sat sidelined where the alterboys should have been. We couldn't tell what was going on. Finally we went for communion and had to crawl under the wall of the church to get to a small room where communion was serve yourself. Kirsten and I approached the bowl of wafers only to find three bowls of change: quarters, dimes and nickels. Kirsten and I both took out two dimes and a nickel and went back to our seats. When I returned, the change had multiplied in my hands and since I knew communion could only amount to 25 cents and it would be sacreligious to munch on the extra change, I had to take back the rapidly increasing nickels and dimes and return them to the bowls.

The dream then meandered into a strange new plot line where Vincent D'Onofrio was my date to the reception which was taking place in some industrial English port town. But first I had to change my dress since i had fallen into a puddle of oil left from boats being maintenanced.

This is the second marriage-themed dream I've had in a week. In the first I married someone who I used to have very strong feelings for. We got married on a catwalk during a fashion show in Staten Island. Our honeymoon suite was the back of a jeep.

My subconscious is starting to creep me out. No wonder I woke up with one of those gasping for breath jolts you see in movies. Like when the heroine is having a nightmare, sits straight up in bed looking distressed, leaving the audience thinking, "hmm i get it, this character is deep and troubled."


Dennis said...

Deep, yes...troubled, no.

courtney said...

thanks for your vote of confidence. i think you're deep too

kzm said...

you win the prize for detailed, odd dreams. caden tells me that he dreams about kitty cats.