Sunday, September 9, 2007

Reclining Blue

This monotype kinda sums up the way I'm feeling today, like I'd like to lounge around all curled up in my undies all day. Too bad I can't sit still for that long.

Monotypes are really fun to make. I turn to them when I'm feeling a creative block or don't have the energy to turn out any lithos. They are created on plexiglass or linoleum (or, I suppose, any easily wiped surface, I haven't really experimented with that). For me, it's like fingerpainting; I roll the plexiglass with ink and use my fingers to carve out the figure.

Since you can only pull one (mono) print from the plate, you are continuously starting over, and there's something really freeing about that. It really puts me in a kind of creative trance; it's easy to just lose yourself in making tons of prints, and looking back at them later, at least one always surprises and delights me.

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