Monday, September 24, 2007

Save the Dates and a Date with a Dog

Spent tonight working on pretty flower save the date for Jenn. I'm going to letterpress a drawing I did of some little flowers. But first I have to get the computer file all spiffed up and sent to a wondrous place, Boxcar Press, which makes plates of your images for you to print off of.

Also briefly dog-sat for Dennis who was dog-sitting for his brother. Poor dog has some separation anxiety and poor Dennis had some anxiety about leaving the dog to bark all evening while he went on an appointment.

Said anxiety arose when he came home this afternoon to find the front door of every apartment building on his block papered with a homemade signs telling the owner of the anonymous barking dog to train his pet to shut up. The signs were GLUED to the doors. (crazy person!)

Park Slope, as has been said before, is an odd neighborhood, full of odd poster-making people.

Poor Max is on his way back to Long Island tonight.

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