Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cardboard Coney

This is a linoleum cut haphazardly printed on a piece of cardboard. I kind of dig the results. It's of the Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island (anyone noticing I'm mildly obsessed with C.I.?) I rode the Cyclone once last summer. It was very scary and very cool. I hadn't been on a roller coaster since I was ten.

I'm having a crazed week. New job in what could be the most confusing office layout in New York City. I've been carrying around a photocopied map so I can find my way from the coffee maker back to my desk. I also discovered a secret passage way through the ladies room to the mail room. My new work is like a Clue game board.

Also working on the designs for my friend Jenn's save the dates. Tonight we picked out a beautiful, delicate paper that will look lovely with the letterpressed flowers. Sigh, I heart stationary. And paper. And prints.

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