Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What I'm Working On Tonight

I'm working on a lithograph that is MUCH larger than the ones I usually do. My newest idea is to do a series of about four large prints inspired by vintage travel posters. A couple very quirky and a couple very simple. Anyway, first is my unfinished plate (which isn't crooked in real life; the plate is sorta bowed as it leans against the wall) and below it, a mock up I did started with.

I think, in a way, even though there's too much going on, the mock up is a little warmer and more lively. But there are certain things I like about the way the plate is turning out: the "slogan" at the top, the paella and the tablecloth. I need to mess around some more with the profiles and I hate hate hate the forks and hands. They look demented -- that one fork looks like it has a head on it! Those will be erased to make room for a big red "BARCELONA." (I think I might drop the "NAS" which was my little goof off way of paying tribute to my first piercing, Nas being the Catalan word for nose. At least according to the Internet)

Later, larger blocks of color will be added, probably monoprinted on.

All in all, I dunno how this is gonna come out! Drawing on a plate this big is messing up my sense of proportion. And the second drawing never seems as sincere as the first one. I'll be sure to post what I come up with after I print!

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