Sunday, February 17, 2008

This Is What My Subconscious Looks Like Today

I spent some time yesterday morning going a couple piles of the random things I clip and collect. I found this illustration by Paul Davis that I cut out of some old book I bought in an antique store. (I added the type in the weird space I cut out) I can't find much information about Paul Davis, but I like his folksy style. I wish the colors came up better here, they're very rich.

Kinda cranky and discombobulated today. I spent 5 hours yesterday adding tiny dots to a print until my eyes went funny. After all that I'm looking at it like, eh? it's ok. I haven't made anything I REALLY like in a while and it's making me blue. I'm worried I don't know what I'm trying to say. I suppose you can't force it, but I find myself putting off doing any work.

I guess the best thing to do is just to work through it. So I'm gonna go to the graphics center after closing tonight and have some me time with the press. Sometimes the best stuff I do comes immediately after the stuff that I plan and plan and doesn't work out. Life seems to be a series of happy accidents.

I'd love for this blog to be about the creative process, maybe help me work things out. But my process doesn't really feel like a process and more of a whiplash stop start stop start. Anyway, it's bugging me.

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