Monday, April 21, 2008


Last night I finished my large print that is inspired by my love of posters and French things. It's title, Fete, is the title of the whole show. It came out very well and is probably the most thought out piece I've made.

Been doing a little final touches-- silkscreening on a few of the pieces. So, in fact, some of my prints are monoprinted, silkscreened, handpainted lithographs. Um.

Although my printing is pretty much finished unless I have a last minute revelatory vision, I am feeling vaguely anxious about the final things that need to be done. To make myself feel better I've decided to have a tv-free, fuss-free evening. Got dressed up and had dinner with some friends. Then, hot shower, tidy my room, and now I'm having quiet time (like Kirsten dictates to Caden when he is crazed. And speaking of Caden Dreamboat Martin, he's gonna be 4 in a week!)

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