Monday, June 9, 2008

Yet More From Fete

Manhattan Avenue, lithograph, 8x10 (sold)

Barcelona, multimedia (lithogaph, monotype, gouache), 22x30

Luna II, lithograph, 11x14

The Fish Stall, hand colored lithograph, 11x14 (approx.)

Iran, lithograph, 11x14

Cannes, hand colored lithograph (sold)

My internet is out tonight so I'm updating in my local coffee shop. There is a man here who is using all the tiny complimentary water cups to build cup towers on any surface he can find. He's very serious about it, circling his plastic cup sculpture. Now he is using straws too. it's a little distracting but fun to watch. OK, I'm about blogged out. I think I'll go home and finish up a drawing, eat some ice cream, watch my new favorite show, Intervention.

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mattdking said...

Cannes is hanging proudly in the bedroom. Daniella has it positioned so it's the first thing she sees in the morning.