Friday, January 8, 2010

A Few Thoughts on Meditation

Another photo taken in Barcelona (near Parc Guell), though neither bullfighting nor flamenco are traditional Catalan pursuits. I think one was adopted a little less enthusiastically than the other.


I wonder how many hours of my life I would have back if I was a little more organized. It probably shouldn't take me 15 precious a.m. minutes to find a shirt because there are 8 possible places in my room where it could be.

But as I told someone recently, I keep all my disorderliness outside myself so that I can keep my inside a little calmer. Whether or not this actually works is a different story. I've been adopting new methods to keep my mind clear while I try to power through my projects. Sometimes when I'm working on something(s) (for instance 55 lithographs to print, 60 more pages of a comic to draw, and a freelance project that keeps popping up with changes needed), normal motivating stress can easily turn to anxiety and despair as I imaging disappointing all the partners tied to my projects. And then my anxiety turns to disdain for what I'm working on, which is terrible. I enjoy art and drawing because they make my life so so so much better.

So to abort the cycle before good stress becomes the anxious kind, I've been trying to create a consistent and interesting meditation and yoga practice. I am currently looking like a lunatic practicing yoga trance dance meditation, wherein I prance, dance and sway around my room, and then fall exhausted into deep meditation (read: asleep sitting up). Time will tell. If nothing else, after all this pretending to be a leaping tongue of fire, I will surely have a great ass, which will bring a certain kind of inner peace. And I'm not ambitions--I really think I'd make a terrible Buddha.

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