Sunday, April 11, 2010

A couple more sketches of La Pedrera, aka Casa Mila. My interpretation has changed slightly upon revisiting the subject a few years later. It makes a big difference drawing on site than from a photo. The walls and soldiers definitely look less formal, and more alive. Not that that's necessarily better, but as I get older, I am figuring out my style with the benefit of practice practice practice, and my personality type, drawing ability and attention span all like a loose sketch style.

I recently dug out Saves the Day's Through Being Cool and put it on my computer. I listed to it four times in a row today as I inked a little and then got distracted by some spring cleaning. Even though I probably haven't heard it in four years or so, I still knew every word!

I found some old journals as I was cleaning out some stuff today--rearranging my work space to make it less claustrophobic. Of course I began reading selected entries. The oldest went from early 2001 to mid 2002 and made me feel very compassionate towards my 17 year old self, so in love and trying to find connection with friends, confused about parents, apprehensive about moving away to New York, and misquoting ee cummings every other page. I did find a funny entry where I'd locked myself out of the garden center at the Target, where I was working the summer before Fordham.

Normally I'm embarrassed reading my thoughts from years ago...after plenty of time to marinate in cynicism, teenage earnestness is mortifying! But remember that feeling of knowing there's something more out there, and being brave enough to go out and find it? You don't know where to begin, though, and over time you settle into life, but of course all that terrible, boring, wonderful stuff that happened over the years was part of what we wanted when we didn't know what we wanted, but were willing to go out looking for it, right?

Anyway, I hid all the journals away in a suitcase and put them right under my bed, where I can find them in another few years.

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