Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Truth or Consequences, NM

I was looking through some photos tonight trying to get inspired for a new drawing, and I realize I never posted many from my trip west this summer.

This colorful shot is a drive in burger joint in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I know, weird name. The town used to be called Hot Springs for it's cache of mineral springs, but renamed itself after a TV show that was on a long time before I was born.

While it sounds very cheesy, my friend Sara and I had a really nice stay at this hippy-ish motor lodge of sorts with it's pools of mineral water over looking a serene Rio Grande. We soaked until we were prunes and then had dinner at the Denny's by the freeway.

Anyway, knowing as you do how I love old stuff, kitsch and Americana, this little place was right up my alley.

By the way, the pictured was NOT open.

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