Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spain and a new camera

I took a trip to Spain in November, armed with a new digital SLR! I can barely work the thing, but was still able to get some amazing pictures. I tend to think my photos are much better in black and white...either my darkroom roots or low photo self esteem as I get back into a medium I used to love. This is a shot of various goods at a stall in La Boqueria in Barcelona.
I felt a little guilty making the switch to digital, until I see the 30 undeveloped rolls languishing from a trip in 2003.

Things are exceedingly busy, which is a good thing in my case. Justin and I have raised $5000 to self publish the comic and I am flying through the penciling, I'm just about to the halfway point! Taking more time is working on the rewards for the pledges, print by print I am working through a large edition of lithos for our generous donors. The weather has put me off, but I'm just about ready to send out the first of the prints. I'll post one here when I'm finished. As well as some comic pages, more Spain photos, and some letterpress I've been working on.

I dreamed I was moving back into my college dorm last night. Shudder.

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