Thursday, February 18, 2010


While drawing The Wonder City, probably the most helpful tool I use (besides sharp pencil, LARGE eraser and bristol board, of course) is good ole Google Image Search. Here is a smattering of search terms that have helped me draw the comic:

1940s women's attire, 1940s New York City, World War II recruiting posters, loose lips sink ships, world war II rationing, 1940s car, playing marbles, tenement, singer sewing machine, 1940s Coney Island, Coney Island Bowery, Coney Island side show, Wonder Wheel cars, Nathans, body builder, ticket booth, Coney Island games, carnival lights, grandma's fortunes, fortune teller, side show signs, carnival barker, beached whale, sperm whale, dead whale, whale eye, attacked by whale, distress, terror, trampled, punched in the face, in pain, carrying limp body, church candles, st. john the divine cathedral, lighting a candle, 17th century handwriting, 1940s western union telegram, packing a pipe, bankers lamp, globe, 2 Pierrepont, Brooklyn Heights mansions, library, view of downtown Manhattan, 1940s skyscrapers, 1940s menswear, lighting a lantern, stairwell, Brooklyn Eagle headline, dropping china, breaking china, fetal position, sewer grate, street urchin, orphan, 1940s little boy, sewer tunnel, cavern, Half Moon Hotel, stenciled letters, steamer trunk, Victrola, bird cage, carousel horse, roller skate, icebox, birdcage, broken chandelier, antiques, famous missing paintings, shoveling, digging a hole, colonial women's clothing, Barbara Stanwyck.

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