Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ho Hum

Cold night. Just ate my body weight in spaghetti. Waitin' for the snow to come. And listening to a neighbor scream out his window to "shut your dog up!" thus causing about 4 more dogs to start barking too. sigh.

Today I made my first ever visit to the New York M&M super store, about three blocks from my work, and a place I generally cross the street to avoid because the waft of fake chocolate smell out the doors is migraine-inducing. But the Valentine's spirit struck, I was feeling homey and wholesome, and I thought I'd send candy to my nephew to rouse some sugar infused love for his aunty in NY. But all the candy at Duane Reade consisted of creepy cellophane hearts which felt vaguely inappropriate for a 5 year old, so I jaunted over to the Hershey store, found it lacking and crossed the battle line to the M&M store on the other site of Broadway.

Tons of people were just wandering around. Why, I don't know-- there can't be that much browse appeal, it's just a blur of primary colors and escalators, and one probably shouldn't submit to the saccharine smell for long periods of time without consulting a doctor. But once I got through the plush characters and t-shirts on the ground floor, I found tall tubs of all different colors of m&ms! NY themed combinations like "Yankees" (navy, grey and white) and "NYC taxi" (grey, navy blue and yellow). And country themed combinations France (red, blue and white) and Great Britain (red, blue and white) and USA (red, blue and white). You get the picture. I found the giant Valentine's tube and was induced to pull a lever to fill a bag. I didn't bother to weigh my candy, but compared to the giant tubes and the giant bags and the giant levers, and with the chocolate smell causing oxygen deprivation, I figured 1/3 of a pound, maybe about 4 or 5 bucks?

$16.97 later I am imagining the giant eye roll my sister will administer when Caden receives his package of light pink, dark pink, red and white m&ms. And they don't even have hearts on them. eh.

This has nothing to do with candy, but thought this picture matched my nesting mood tonight, a window in Barri Gothic in Barcelona.

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