Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The last 10 pages, I guess like the last 10 pounds of your diet, seem to be the hardest to get through. My progress has slowed to a couple panels a night, but I'm hoping to turn that around during my broke, pre-paycheck weekend coming up. The Wonder City could finally be completely penciled by next week! Then, of course, starts the inking and the inevitable reworking of many of the drawings until I completely love each page. But starting a new phase of the project always feels like approaching it with fresh eyes, so I look forward to that. Some of the new characters, Dottie and Fox and the fabulously weird Madame Lena the fortune teller, are some of my new favorites and enrich the story with strangeness (in Mme Lena's case), and humor and friendship during a dark time (Dottie and Fox).

Mme Lena is a seedier version of Auntie Mame in my head:

In other comics related chatter, a friend sent me the link to this incredibly cool project: Urgent Evoke which combines comics, an interactive game and a challenge to creatively think about solutions to problems facing society. Their tag line is "A Crash Course in Saving the World" where they issue 10 challenges for you to study, think about and act on, and it also allows you to create a super hero identity, tying in the comic book super hero idea. I think I'm going to go sign up for my first mission now!

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